Thor Hals, congratulations with the election in Askim, where the Conservative Party won 31,4 % of the votes and 11 seats in the council. You gained 4 more places than last election.

What do you think is the main reason behind this good result?
That I have been a visible vice mayor. I have been active in town development and been at different arenas within the municipality. I think the inhabitants are satisfied with the job I have done and they want to see me as a new mayor. The Conservatives had none mayor in Østfold but now we got 5. Conservatives made a historic good result in Askim and at the national level the second best local elections ever.
Do you look forward to become mayor of Askim?
Yes. It’s a challenging period we are entering economically and we are growing with between 100-200 inhabitants every year. It requires more schools, kindergartens and infrastructure. Our politics is to look for possibilities and find good solutions.
What will be your highest priorities the next 4 years?
To keep the economy under control and as Askim is the regional capital to make it stronger for tourist and business.
You are cooperating with other parties in order to get the majority. Will this cooperation create any problems do you think ?
No. I think that we have managed to have a good group of parties and the representatives from these parties look for good solutions as we are. All the parties are on the middle or right side of the politics. We all have to give and take to make this a good cooperation. We have to make a political platform gives common answers on difficult questions.
Askim is also the largest municipality within Indre Østfold Region. Will there be any changes in Askim’s policy for the region?
Even if we are the biggest municipality we know that we are not strong alone. We know that with good cooperation with neighbor municipalities we will strengthen the region which will also benefit Askim.  I am the chairman of the regional tourist association and is also member of the international steering committee of Trans in Form project on behalf of the region. I have always looked at the region as a whole.
Askim recently decided to join the Innovation Circle Network. What are your expectations and wishes for the international cooperation?
The main reason for the participation is to get an overview of different available programs. We have a friendship cooperation with 4 municipalities within the Nordic countries where we decided together to enter international projects to strengthen the bonds. It’s important to work together and have international projects.
To get international impulses in our daily life is in general important so we get new ideas and inspiration.

Thor outside town hall