The goal of the project „On the way to e-health” is to foster e-health and telemedicine in Zemgale planning region. The project is supported within the framework of the block grant "Short Term Expert Fund", and it is financed from the funds of the bilateral financial instrument of the Norwegian government and the budget of the Republic of Latvia. The objective of the block grant is to promote the introduction of sound management principles and improve the quality of public sector services, by stimulating the exchange of knowledge, experience, information and good practice between Latvia and Norway. Lead partner of the project is Zemgale Planning region (in Latvia) and other project partners are Bauska city council with its hospital, Dobele district council with its hospital, Jekabpils district council with its hospital and Blefjell hospital in Notodden. The project will be implemented from January till September, 2009. The total budget of the project is 50 000 EUR, of which 42 500 EUR from the block grant and 7500 EUR budget of Republic of Latvia. One of the project activities includes 3 days visit to Norway on e-health and telemedicine issues for 8 persons from Latvia. The role of a partner from Norway is to provide expertise on the advantage of application of ICT systems, data bases and other technological means within a hospital and linking them together in order to make the work more effective, the use of telemedicine in order to make the high quality expertise available also in rural areas.