Before the beginning of the project “Into the Wild” all the participants had to be physically and mentally prepared not only for conditions in the nature but also for extreme entertainments. The second day of the project each person was thrown into a very cold North Sea. Of course, those people had special swimming suits and rescuers were somewhere around. Project Youth also had such activities like fishing with nets, sailing, kayaking, rowing Viking boats in the open sea and, of course, national Norwegian activity and entertainment – hiking! All these activities became a great fun for participants with the help of professionals.

Project participants also had a trip to the most western place in Norway – Utvear. There they had a chance to visit historical light house. One of the evenings was intended for international evening. All of the participants had to present their countries and their outdoor activities. The last evening was held in the specific cathedral – cave surrounded by rocks. That evening was one of the most exciting evenings through the whole project.

In conclusion, the project gave a lot of practical experience and ineffaceable emotions for each project participant. All of the project youths are already waiting for the “Into the Wild 3” which is going to be held in Lithuania the next year! Previous year the project was started in Latvia.