Can you explain why a young man is taking on such a job?
The main reason for me to say yes to such an obligation is in the first place recognition of my work in the local party. This also gives a clear signal that my local party has great believe in what the youths are doing when it comes to politics and that they have to play the best card on getting youth involved. If you have any prosperity to make it as a politician you have to have a lot of routine. And I have to stress the importance of youth involvement in the decision making process.  

Is it great fun to be a politician ?
Of course, we are involved with a lot of matters that you usually not would be involved in. You learn a great deal, almost every day when you work with politics. It is like a very long education that never ends. That’s the great thing. And of course people listen to you and you have to make a lot of decisions that actually have impact on your own society. You also meet a lot of skilled people that knows what they are talking about. also see how complex our society actually is.
Do you think young politicians are working in a different way from the older ones ?
Yes. I think that younger politicians are able to reach a much bigger and diverse part of the real population, we are not bound by the old way of thinking, and we have much more up to date view on actual matters. Me for example are a part of the conservative party, but still I go to punk rock concerts in small dark basements, that actually are very much linked with the left side, but the youth are not concerned about that, they only wants the experience of the product.    
Why are you member of the conservative party ?
The reason why I joined the conservative party is in the first place the great believe in the independent human being, that are able to create on his own and be his or hers own master without too much interference from the state. There are also a lot of other matters such as my view on the entrepreneurs in the society. Today it is too hard to establish your own company, the bureaucracy is too heavy and making a lot of non logic obstacles on the way to establish on your own. And a lot of other stuff of course. I could use a whole page but it is not interesting.
Did the IC project do anything for your motivation becoming an active citizen in your home town ?
Absolutely, the inspiration of meeting youths from the Baltic countries was enormous. To see what difficult tasks they had to work with but still they had a spirit that I never seen before, They had this go that made them seem unstoppable, The competence of the participants was huge. And I personally learned a great deal from a lot of the participants.  
What is your hopes for the parliament election in 2009 ?
The victory of my party.  =]