Young people who have inventive ideas have now the chance to participate in the entrepreneurship project “Smart Youth 2013”. If you are creative and develop a product that can be used daily in any kind of field.

Projects are rated in two different age groups:
1) age 13 to 16
2) age 17 to 20
There will be a prize for both age groups, each in the amount of 750 Euro.

Developed products will be presented in the International Youth Forum on Creative Industries from 9th to 10th May in Kärdla, Estonia as well as at the XII UBC General Conference, in Marienhamn, Finland in autumn 2013.

"Smart Youth 2013" is designated for students from general or vocational schools. The products can be developed in groups of up to four students. Participants must register their team on:

All participants of “Smart Youth 2013” should send prototypes as well as a description and introduction of their products, for example short videos or pictures, to Kärdla Town Government by 1st May. Deadline for submitting products is 1st June.

All products will be rated by a UBC jury on 15th June. Competition results will be published on and If you are work at a schools, youth centers, or any other associations working with young people please feel free to forward this information. More information: Maarja Liik Specialist of Education, Culture and Sports of Kärdla Town Government.

Image: © Stuck in Alabama2012 via Flickr