20-21 August 2010 the project We Know the Way took place for the 7th time. The most active city youths gathers all the target city groups into one place in nature for an informal discussion at a fireplace. Youths have an ability to ask politicians about actions undertaken in the city or decisions made. They can ask businessmen about conditions to start a business or a possibility to get internship or a job. Emigrants share their views about differences living in Lithuania and abroad.

There are no prohibited questions. It is an open discussion where everyone can have a say. “Why should I come back to the city? Would I have a job suitable for my qualification?” Ask students. “There are no qualified workforce” declare the businessmen. “There are many investments going on in the city currently” announce politicians. “Are they really according to our needs?” reply other participants.

The second day everyone gets their raft and goes on a river trip from Nemunaitis to Alytus. Altogether again. This is probably the only place where all those people have a chance to listen to each other and talk at an informal environment.

The first event was organized in 2003 by the secondary school leavers. Now the same people are coming back to participate and see the change. The practicalities and the program are organized by the young generation. One of the businessmen prepared a fresh fish soup on fire for all the participants!

You can never know if these events will reach the main vision: to bring the young and educated people back to their hometown. Will they have prosperous lives in Alytus City in the future? Anyway, the discussions they have there and the contacts they make give extraordinary experience and understanding. This is the place where the most active and perspective Alytus people grow.