To talk more about the good things you do is one aim that the board of the Innovation Circle Network agreed on during their meeting in Latvia’s capital. Meaning that all partners should not only report about their IC activities but also about others projects they are involved in. “This shows that we cover Europe three times with our work”, said Michael Noren.

On the agenda was also a brainstorm session for up-coming ICN youth camps. To make you a little curious at that point, our camps will include adventure, a boat trip and a big portion of music. Besides different youth projects that IC will realise in the next two years and another branding project the participants also decided to give their web presence a brush-up. The make-over will bring ICN on to your mobile phone and tablet and besides Cliff Hague’s successful blog it will other new features to members, friends and partners.

More details about our youth camps and application forms you will find soon on this webpage.

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