Briefly, the project was created to take forward opportunities afforded by recreational inland waterways for the development and realisation of business opportunities and creating attractive places near where people live and work. “Waterways for Growth” will work by implementing a number of themed initiatives on business and product development, waterway regeneration and the sustainable management of waterway resource.

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The Framework will focus on 3 key areas of activity - (1) business & product development; (2) waterway regeneration; (3) sustainable management of the waterway resource, in terms of the natural environment, sustainable transport & built heritage. The development of the Framework will be supported by means of a series of practical measures and pilot actions to further the economic & sustainable development. Evaluation of the pilot actions will contribute to development of the Framework and lead to further practical actions for taking the sustainable development of inland waterways forward and suggest priorities for future funding and investment in the sector.

Expected Outcomes
  • A framework for the sustainable development of inland waterways;
  • New and expanded businesses based on waterways;
  • A common approach to regenerate historic waterways;
  • Extension of the network of recreational waterways;
  • New approaches to further develop the sustainable development of waterways.


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