New narratives and story telling is one of the 5 project packages. As the other packages deal with planning and investments that are very concrete, the new narrative part is the most sophisticated one. And according to the project manager Bjorn Frode Moen it should be that way. Project partners are seeking to find new narratives that would work for a change of their places and which can strengthen the branding of their rural cities and regions.

The process is starting from small group discussions and brainstorming, which should lead to wider discussions in partners hometowns where the local communities should be also involved. All the new narratives, that can be also called innovative marketing has to be connected to the scenario planning done at the places as well as linked to the investments. A very important factor is the transnational input in the story. This is the reason why we need transnational competence and sharing of experience in the project. 

The 7-9 of April in Valmiera is just a start. In more than two years there will be the creation of new innovative narratives telling about project partners. Based on the gained experience there will be created guidelines to be shared among partners and with  other European communities.  The next workshop is planned to be in Potsdam on “Scenario planning and benchmarking attractiveness” which would continue an exiting journey of the “Trans in Form’ers”.

Tran in Form project is a follow up action for Innovation Circle project and is mainly formed of Innovation Circle Network members. The Innovation Circle Network is a co-partner in the project and it's member are free to attend the project events.