Suwalki president Josef Gajewski was chairing the meeting and welcomed all partners and co-partners to Suwalki. Questions about content, goals and organisational matters were addressed. Especially how Belarussian and Russian co-partners can cooperate within the project in accordance with EU project guidelines was discussed. All partners regarded the project focus as very relevant even if there are some different focuses and priorities. Suwalki City Muncipality will have a special responisbility for bringing together partenrs in the Euroregion Niemen(Nemunas). Read more about the Eruoregion at .

The Trans-in-Form project is mainly focusing 4 issues of great imortance for all partners:

1) Implementation of an "attractivity barometer"
2) Development of scenarios for regional potential and urban design
3) Creation of marketing packages based on new narratives and story telling
4) Investment plans or increase of regional attractivity and technical documentation for 3 pilots focusing on interactive public spaces, 

During the project there will be 3 overall conferences for all partners, 3 transnational methodology workshops connected to the  work packages where the output will be elaboration of guidelince and toolbox. In addition there will be other meetings and workshops between all or some partners working together on common issues. The project which commenced 1th November 2009  will last for totally 39 months including preparations and reporting.

Alf S. Johansen
Communication Manager