108 registered trademarks were nominated for the “Trademark of the Year for Latvia” award. Jelgava Local Municipality was the only municipality among entrepreneurs. 23 trademarks were nominated for te award “Trademark of the Year for the world”.

JN_logo_sauklis_ENG_liels_500x156.jpgLogo and slogan of Jelgava Local Municipality was elaborated within Baltic Sea region programme`s project “Trans in Form” and in 2013 and was registered as a trademark. JLM logo embraces three colored squares that symbolize different chracteristics: The gold colour stands for the strong families and the work attitute of Jelgava's inhabitants. Blue symbolizes the River Lielupe with its numerous – around 20 – tributaries. Green – traditional agriculture and environment. When turning the logo horizontally it forms the shape of a sail as the symbol for the future and development of the municipality. It has served as a creative impulse for a complex of activities that the municipality uses to strengthen the identity and belongingness for different target groups and stakeholders.