Tromsø won a right to be the candidate for the Winter Olympic games 2018 representing Norway. Tromsø was competing with Trondheim and the joint-bid Oslo-Lillehammer.

If successful, these will be the first games hosted north of the Arctic Circle.

The Aftenposten says the Tromsø bid has become an issue of contention in Norway, as the high cost of the Games will effect the rest of the country's sporting venues President of the Norwegian Athletic Society, Tove Paule, recognizes that the Government is unlikely to guarantee more money to for Tromsø’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Now she has to find a way of breaking the deadlock.

Sports Minister, Trond Giske maintains that Norwegian sporting organizations will have to pay 22.3 per cent of the building costs. This will severely limit spending on sports arenas in the rest of Norway for a long time.

"Youth and children should not have to make do with substandard sports facilities just because of the Olympics," Paule told Aftenposten.

Tromso City will have to build 15 arenas if the city is chosen for the Winter Olympics 2018 and needs a financial guarantee of 9, 3 billion NOK (1, 2 billion euro) from the Norwegians state.

The city which will hold the XXIII Winter Olympic games will be decided in 2011.

Tromsø - the Winter Olympic Games 2018 VIDEO