What organization do you represent? What is it working with?

Our organization is an adult education institute. Students can be unemployed or employed. Private persons or companies. We are a regional development organization. Our job is to provide the companies with the most recent knowledge and skills. We want to make sure that the companies in our region have the opportunity to stay in the lead of development. Our principal is Tapani Salomaa.

What is your main occupation and interests?

Tailored training and development services for SMEs and industry. We are working in almost every area but our main areas are industry (process-industry, mechanical engineering, metal, boat, plastic, chemical and mining industry) logistic and service area. Adult Education Institute is a leading expert in 3D measurement and modeling in Finland.

Where from have you noticed about Innovation Circle Network?

From the BSR web-site and from Björn Frode Moen(International adviser in Notodden kommune in Norway and Trans in Form project manager).

Why do you think Innovation Circle Network activities are interesting?

We are seeking for new networks and cooperation's and we think ICN can give us a lot.

Have you been working in international environment before?

Yes we have. We are involved in a few ongoing international projects.

Does innovation have any specific role in you life?

Innovation is the future for us. Without innovation we cannot work. We will not invent something that already exists.


Thank you Mr. Hagström for the answers. We are looking forward to meet you and other representatives from Central Ostrobothnia Adult Education Institute in the future IC events.