Last week the Netherlands became the ninth country to pass the threshold. Spain will very likely be country number ten. The campaign also received a big boost in France last week when writer Marc Levy and Anne Hidalgo, a candidate for mayor of Paris declared their support. A few days earlier Right2Water had had another major success when Cécile Duflot, French minister of housing and land management, signed up at the Green Party’s (EELC) national convention. This was the first time that an acting minister has supported the ECI.

The latest figures by country and the minimum number of signatures required per country can be seen on So far the threshold has been passed Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Other countries should follow.
Therefore Right2Water activists ask people all over Europe again to promote the ECI “Water is a human right!” among friends and colleagues, at workplaces and at other places where people meet, and through social media.

More signatures means more pressure on the European Commission to get the proposals turned in European legislation. Water and sanitation are a human right! Water is a public good, not a commodity! Many millions of people continue to be deprived of clean, safe and affordable water and sanitation, even in Europe. The European Commission can do something about it, but it has to be put on their agenda.

Continue to promote the ECI. Signature forms are available for each country on You can sign either on paper or online:
You can also find Right2water is on Facebook and Twitter:  facebook/right2water  Twitter: @right2water

Picture Copyright: Barefoot Photografers of Tilonia via Flickr