Jurbarkas municipality is one of those areas that are using the EU financing mechanisms to improve social housing possibilities for people in difficult situations. Till mid-2012 it is planned to renovate and turn into block of flats the police station in the town of Jurbarkas. The renovated building will have 16 flats and 3 of them will be adjusted for the disabled.

This project contributes to investment into renewal of buildings rather than constructing new ones. By renovating instead of building new constructions it is expected to avoid negative results of urban development. In this way Jurbarkas municipality tries escaping development scenario when part of current infrastructure remains unused because of inability to utilize spaces efficiently.

The project is being implemented in accordance with Operational Programme for Promotion of Cohesion 2007-2013. One of the objectives of Lithuania this period is to achieve territorial and socio–economic cohesion because disparities between Lithuania’s regions are large and still growing. Signi­ficant differences exist between the biggest cities and the other towns, between urban and rural areas and between the centre and peripheral areas of the country as well.

In 2010 in Jurbarkas municipality 7 projects using the EU funding have been realized while 28 projects are still in process of implementation.


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