Together with their hosts the delegation from Jelgava visited a unit at Råkollen school where pupils with behavioural problems are given a time out from ordinary classes. Also presentations were given by the head of education, the preventative unit at the police and the child welfare service. 
At Trara primary school near the city centre of Fredrikstad, the delegation was introduced to the after school sports activities project. Here pupils can participate in activities such as swimming, basketball and archery free of charge, led by professional instructions from archery clubs.

Nordic social model is the cornerstone of the Nordic economy, welfare and sense of cohesion. It is based on equality, social solidarity and social security for all. Challenges such as continuous economic constraints, spread of addictions, agression and intolerance impose new constraints on the Nordic welfare model. Therefore social inclusion and improvements in the work with children, youngsters and parents from social risk families are chosen as the main issues in the project.

Ensured social and economic security as well as early prevention work increase sustainable growth in welfare. Regions and municipalities are important actors to achieve those goals. The main objective of the project is to promote social inclusion and sustainable welfare development in local authorities.
Specific objectives are:
- to improve the work with children and youngsters at social risk and their families;
- to encourage cooperation of educational establishments with parents,
- to get to know the work in addiction prevention of children and youngsters at social risk,
- to explore the work with aggressive children at educational establishments.
During the project implementation two study visits were done - one in Nyköping municipality in Sweden (from 24th to 2th7 of October 2017) and one in Østfold county and Fredrikstad municipality from 19th to 22nd of March 2018.
Eight people from multi-institutional cooperation unit for support of children and youngster at social exclusion risk of Jelgava Local Municipality participated in both visits, for example, Head of Welfare Department, Head of Education Board, Head of Social Unit, Head of Administrative Commission and Municipal Police. 
Presentations at Glemmen upper secondary school.JPG