The Latvian Embassy in Oslo hosted a workshop where the NGOs from Latvia put their industry products on display, and resell agents from Norway had the chance to know more about the high quality and innovative products from Latvia. Most of the products were related to agriculture and nutrition. The group represented 9 Latvian NGO`s representatives as well as project representatives from Zemgale Planning Region.

The visitors from Latvia were introduced to Norwegian cuisine and tastes. The delegation visited shops and farms as well as local government.

In Oslo, the group visited Mathallen at Vulcan, where a variety of food products and companies are gathered, and Oslo Micro Brewery.  In the Østfold county, the group visited Bælgodt in Spydeberg, Bamsrudlåven in Mysen, and Askim Frukt og Bærpresseri in Askim as well as Jahren Bryggerhus. The group was also invited to  visit the Indre Østfold Municipality, where the Vice Mayor Ms. Cathrine Hestøe Hansen and the Head of trade and business Mr. Terje Myrseth, presented the municipal business development strategy. They also met with the leader of Veksthuset Mr. Fredrik Frøshaug who also is the Director of Trøgstad Sparebank.

The last day was dedicated to a visit to NOFIMA (previously Matforsk), which is located in the science park at Ås, next door to the university NMBU.

The list of NGOs and contact information is here:

Trade misson.pdf

The project “Entrepreneurship in Zemgale” is implemented with the support of the European Economic Area Financial Instrument for 2014-2021. The total budget of the project is 969,256 EUR, of which the co-financing of the program is 666,882 EUR.


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