Dalslandskommunernas Kommunalförbund is an association working for five local authorities in different fields of public services. We are located in the middle of Sweden and rather close to the boarder of Norway. Several of our member-authorities work with different projects together with Norway and the boarder committees situated in the area.

Dalsland is a nice area called “Sweden in miniature”

People want to share the nature with- and take good care of visitors but as some small areas we have some problems with infrastructure especially the roads which are not in the shape we want. Employment and especially youth employment is also a big issue for us every day.

The reason why we decided to join the IC network is that we have heard a lot about it from our neighbor committee Varmost. We believe that it is a great opportunity to meet and share experiences.

We have recently began to work with a Danish local authority in the field of citizenship and involvement of citizens  and will of course share that experience with the colleagues in the IC network. In june 2014 we will hold a conference in Dalsland with policy mediator Susan Podziba from Boston

We are looking forward to be an innovative member…..

Contact person:
Christina Svensson christina.svensson@dalsland.se www.dalsland.se