However, Suwalki is more than hard structures. Also many soft projects within human resources, marketing, tourism, planning, culture and education have pushed the change in a positive direction. The coldest place in Poland can for sure be regarded as the "North Pole" and is symbolized by a polar bear within the new city marketing and design line. Yes the city a bit distance from the capital and the major cities in Poland and metropols of Europe. Still Suwalki has in difference from many other remote located cities managed to experience population growth and the economy is developing step by step. An active cultural life is important for the image building and the social life. The Suwalki blues festival was created as an initiative during the Innovation Circle project 2005-2008. The festival is already a big success story and famous beyond the borders of Poland. The city is actively involved in international relations and has many twin towns and is active within European cooperation.

Now Suwalki is ready for hosting the 6th Innovation Circle Network annual conference 11-12. December. The new hotel Szyszko is located next door to the Suwalki Park of Science and Technology Poland East.

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