The program will include participants from Russia, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, UK and Norway and will hopefully also get participation from Ethiopia and other countries. The American embassy to Norway and the European delegation to Norway will among other speakers give interesting presentations with global and European perspectives. The organisers underline that this camp is for people who are more than average interested in politics and for "normal" youths it may be not so interesting. That's why they look for extraordinary politically interested youths. Marker Municipality will this year for the first time try out the system where 16 years old can vote at the council election. This is a pilot action within just some few selected municipalities in Norway. The idea is to increase the local political engagement among young people. Marker is one of the more active municipalities within the IC network and they also hosted a Transinform workshop last winter where several students from Latvia were there working on the local town development plan. The municipality strongly believe in international cooperation as they have several cooperation agreements going on. One of the agreements is with Vecpiepalga municipality in Latvia. They also cooperate with Ethiopia and of course with Sweden as they have a border to Sweden.

Final program and registration


Sjøglimt is the camp place

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