The farm’s day to day activities are characterized by several  issues of a preventive nature such as activities related to crime prevention, a learning arena for early school leavers, a nature kindergarten, excursion days for school children, public health programmes, even driver´s lessons for adults older than 65 years. Also an alternative learning arena for students in primary and junior secondary school in the municipality, activity programmes for the mentally retarded, rehabilitation programmes for adults related to health and unemployment, adolescent psychiatry, motivation courses for parents related to the upbringing of children, afternoon activity groups run by local schools and the child welfare organisation are part of the Farm’s program. Here, you will even find a carpentry workshop. In additon there is a general workshop for mechanical work  which is universally designed for all relevant target groups. The forest surrounding the farm can be accessed by wheelchairs and other vehicles (ATVs) for those with special needs. The premises include a museum for old farm equipment and a local shop where handicrafted articles are sold.
”Evaluation programmes for the ’Spydeberg model’ indicate that the crime rate among youngsters between the ages of 15 and 23 has decreased by approximately 70 percent”, stated Chief coordinator Sigmund Lereim.
The weekly attendance of children and adolescents to the various  activities on the farm stand
s at approximately 40.










Top - Sigmund Lereim,
Bottom - Wintertime at Vollene Culture- and Environmental Farm
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