National results measured by the support in local elections show the following percentage support:
Labour Party, 31,7%
Moderate Party,28,0%
Progressive Party,11,4%
Center Party, 6,8%
Liberal Party, 6,3%
Christian democrats,5,6%
Socialist Left,4,1 %
Green Party, 0,9%

In the biggest cities we find the following majorities:
Oslo: Conservative coalition
Bergen: Conservative coalition
Trondheim: Labour Party
Stavanger: Conservative coalition
Kristiansand: Concervative coalition
Drammen:Conservative Party
Fredrikstad: Labour Party
Sarpsborg: Labour Party
Tromsø: Conservative coalition

In some IC member councils we have preliminary the results such as Notodden which will probably keep a Labour party mayor. In Spydeberg the mayor question is to be negotiated. In Marker Labour party lost absolute majority but still has 47 %. The Conservative Party won both in Eidsberg and Askim and will get mayors. The Center Party won in Rømskog and Aremark.

The Conservative Party did well in Telemark election. However, Mayor Gunn Marit Helgesen may have to leave the position and Labour Party can take over. This is still not clear. In Østfold county the council majority will be a continuation of a Social democratic lead coalition, and Ole Haabeth will continue as the Mayor of Østfold County. Center Party will have the Vice Mayor.