After the feasibility assessment the ideas are brought into consultations. Citizens over 16 can vote for them (personally or by mail or even online). All information on the consulted projects can be found at the Internet platform The example of a project which went through the social consultation was an architectural concept for the transformation the Maria Konopnicka Square in Suwalki. The next project will be developing the Czarna Hancza river banks aiming at creating an area attractive for citizens and visitors.
Furthermore Suwalki's youth started to discuss the programme of the YE workshops in Suwalki. They agreed to devid the group into two teams: one for elaborating presentations and the other one for preparing the guided walk. "We are looking forward to our meeting in 1,5 month!

V.I.P. - Vide.Identitāte.Personība. or in english - Environment.Identity.Personality. training course took place in Jelagava local municipality in Latvia.Young leaders used the training to improv their personal skills via non-formal education methods (personal development, coaching, team building). What I am, where do I come from, what is my identity, my community.. This activity was a funded by national project program for youth policy development in local municipalities in Latvia.

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