Center-right party Nya Moderaterna (New Moderates) is celebrating success. This year, led by prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, they obtained 173 seats in the Parliament which gave them more power to gradually lead Sweden to the right.

Left Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats) party, which over the years shaped Swedish political landscape shown the worst election result since 1914. The party which has created Swedish model as we know it, gained only 30.8% of the vote forcing party leader Mona Sahlin to officially acknowledge defeat.

But the most discussed outcome of the election is success of far-right party Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats), which entered the Parliament for the first time winning 5.7% of the vote and gaining 20 seats. This year the party nearly doubled election result compared to 2006 and easily broke 4% threshold required to obtain seats in the Parliament. Their political views do not align with those conventional Swedish views on equality and tolerance which were the foundation of society created by left parties over the years. Swedish Democrats focused their political campaign on issues related to increasing number of immigrants coming to the country every year. One of their promises was to cut number of asylum seeking immigrants and immigrants coming through relatives by 90%.

The next day after official results were registered, up to 10.000 people gathered in central Stockholm to express their outrage regarding election result and demonstrate their unwillingness to accept racist party in the Parliament. Important to mention, that the gathering was initiated by a 17 year old girl after she posted protest call on her Facebook page.

Innovation Circle member municipalities showed the following results. Robertfors kommun was one of those municipalities who expressed trust to Social Democrats which resulted in 40.78% of the vote allocated to them. Centerpartiet gained 20.7% of the vote, while Moderaterna gained only 13.52%. Swedish Democrats party was not popular among Robertfors inhabitants which gave them only 2.39% of the vote.

In Tranemo kommun Moderaterna gained 26.68% of the vote, while Centerpartiet only 14.08%. Social Democrats party was supported by 32.03% of municipality inhabitants. Far-right Sverigedemokraterna obtained support of 6.91% of voters, which is higher than average in the country.

Recent elections brought up underlying social and socioeconomic concerns which present political parties will have to deal with. The era when Social Democrats ruled the country is coming to an end and Sweden is moving towards new political reality ruled by right-oriented parties. As Svenska Dagbladet said "It is time for the Swedes to get themselves a new national self-image as the election created a new picture of Sweden".

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