Andrzej Domański works for „Źródło” and explains why this organisation is so important for Suwalki:

“The „Źródło” foundation was created in September 2006 on the basis of a local socio-therapy community centre called “Ośrodek Wsparcia Dziennego Dziecka i Rodziny” which has been working in our region for 12 years now.

The centre has been a successful institution. We have already helped hundreds of children from disabled, dysfunctional or just poor families as well as we have supported their families with psychological help. We take care of the group of 3- to 18-year olds in the centre. Currently, we have been helping more than 30 children.

We organise groups and clubs of interest, like drama, arts activities, computer technology classes, music and singing lessons, swimming pool. We also hold regular meetings with specialists (therapists, psychologists, pedagogical discussions, and others). Our aim is also helping the children improve the quality of life that is why we support them with food and clothes. We organise summer camps and generally organise our children’s free time during winter and summer holidays.

The centre, however, is not a sufficient institution as our town belongs to the ones with a very high unemployment rate and is said to be one of the poorer regions in the country. Also, there are a great many dysfunctional families living in a further part of the town. Young people there are left alone, and often become a cause of crime and trouble.”

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