Vandals were crashing Parliament building windows, hitting police cars, and throwing stones, bottles and others things to the officers. Some people even tried to break into the Parliament building, but the violence was stopped by special police forces. Criminals destroyed several buildings in the old town, broke into and robbed some shops, “Rigas balsams” store, crashed Parex bank windows.

According the Security Police the violance is disorganized and appeared spontaneously. One of the protest organizers Artis Pabriks condemned all the violence calling it „drunk vandals“ rage.

106 persons were arrested and 10 policemen injured.

Latvian citizens are unsatisfied with increasing unemployment, unpopular reforms, and are blaming their governance for economic recession. Not so long time ago Latvia‘s economy was one of the fastest growing in the EU. Now the things are going opposite direction and 5% drop is the prognosis for the coming year.

10,5 billion dollar support is promised to Latvia by international funds including EU, International Currency Fund, Scandinavian countries.