This means that it becomes much easier for residents in the border area to cross the border and travel in the immediate border areas. The system of the Borderland Resident ID card will facilitate increased contact between Norway and Russia, and building on our strong cross-border cooperation, said the Minister of Justice and Public Security Grete Faremo.

Residents in parts of Norway and Russia, which is less than 30 kilometers from the border, will be able to apply for Borderland Resident ID card.

The agreement, signed on 2 November 2010, covers about 9.000 people in parts of South-Varanger municipality, and 45.000 persons in the municipalities and Zapoljarny Korzunovo and parts of municipalities and Pechenga Nikel in Russia.

The owners of Borderland Resident ID card can stay without a visa for up to 15 days in the border area to the other state. A Borderland resident is a person who has been lawfully resident in the border area over the last three years. The person does not have to be Russian or Norwegian citizen. Border traffic permit does not entitle you to work in Norway.

By Bjørn Forde Moen

Picture: Murmansk Station - Flickr © Roger Greenhalgh