The idea of the project was born last year in Suwalki and developed by Ewelina Suchocka and Agnieszka Zackiewicz – youth trainer as well as representatives of youth from informal group of youth called „SOWA”.

The Project: „Healthy life style” has been implemented within Youth in action Programme 2007-2013, (Action 1.1.). It has been part-financed by the European Commission. Grant value: 7092 EUR

Within the project exchange of youth took place in Suwalki on June 6-12, 2010. There were 10 young people from Priekuli/ Cesis and from Suwalki (Informal Group of Youth „SOWA”) with two trainers. They were working on the strategy of a healthy life style that they are going to implement in their local environments. How to encourage young people to spend their free time actively?

Youths were searching for answers to this question working in international groups. They visited several places in Suwalki offering different forms of physical activity, took pictures, and described those places. They have also interviewed adults and youths and after that planned activities for their own environments. Besides the work on the strategy concept youth spent their time in an active way. The main activities were:

  • Bicycle ride,
  • Volleyball,
  • Tai chi training,
  • Bowling,
  • Integration dancing.
The results of the commonly spent time in Suwalki have not only been the plan of the future activities but also new friendships. At the end of the exchange tears were appearing in youngsters eyes. Anyway, everyone left with a hope for the next meeting. The coming plan is to arrange a common e-conference. Fortunately, the Internet gives possibilities to talk and to see each other during the conversation.
It was a good time – time of learning, fun and interesting experiences. Let’s hope our Partners will elaborate a next project and continuation of our cooperation will be possible. It’s a both sides wish.
Please find the link to the webpage where you can find some more information (in Polish) and a photo gallery from the exchange in Suwalki below.