The European Youth Forum believes that when debating pension systems in Europe, it is very important to evaluate the changes from the point of view of both current and future pensioners. Moreover, it is essential to take into account and adapt the systems to new patterns of lifestyles of people both on the labour market but also in the society at large. When initiating any reforms, they should be fair and not go towards the detriment of people's rights, allowing all generations to benefit from adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems.

“We cannot allow that the current situation (delayed labour market access, gaps in contributions, long vesting periods, age participatory restrictions, etc.) puts any further at risk future generations’ right to an adequate pension!” stresses Tine Radinja, President of the European Youth Forum.

Read the European Youth Forum Reaction to the European Commission's Green Paper towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems (EN) and (FR)