Once being a pearl of Kurland classicism, outstanding construction model in Europe – Eleja Manor and its surroundings are architectural monuments of state importance. Although buildings of Eleja Manor complex – palace, Theatre and Guest houses are private property now, the rest part of the park still belongs to the municipality. The Tea house in the park and old arch fence looks romantic and charming only in historical pictures, since in reality it is partially ruined. Previously Jelgava Local Municipality has attempted several times to find financial recourses for park and building improvements. Things started to improve during the Baltic Sea Region programme`s project “Trans in Form” (Transforming rural regions by launching scenarios, new narratives and attractive urban design) – after the competition of school children’s works it was decided by the Council of municipality to develop Eleja Manor park as the public interactive space. Technical documentation for conservation of Tea house and fence, as well as design of statues was elaborated.

The technical project of the restoration works of Tea house and its surroundings is dedicated to preserve authentic elements of building as well as replace missing ones according to historical data and evidences. Historical plans and concepts as well any other information from historical sources will be taken into consideration during implementation of project activities.  

Apart from restoration works it is planned that 15 young restoration students of Zeļenieki Commercial and craftsmanship school will take a part in renovation activities under the guidance of experienced specialists, thus improving their skills and getting new experience in real fieldwork project. Also experts from Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research will take a part in the process of renovation.
„To encounter with a new experience in management of objects of cultural and historical heritage, we plan to have experience exchange trip to Norway. In many places in Europe and Scandinavia there are examples of innovative and attractive solutions for preservation of old buildings and historical places. Sometimes good ideas come from international team work. At present we have realized that Tea house could possibly be potentially good place for marriage ceremonies, but of course new ideas from project partners are warmly welcome,” points out Anita Škutāne – International project Manager of Jelgava Local Municipality.

Project Nr.EEZLV04/GSKMS/2013/11. Implementation period: 01.09.2014.-31.03.2016.

Total finances of the project: 293 346,69 EUR, EEA finances: 211 942,99 EUR, Latvian state finances: 37 401,70 EUR, financial support of Jelgava local municipality: 44 002,00 EUR.

Information prepared by Jānis Erno, PR specialist of Jelgava Local Municipality

Additional information:
Anita Škutāne
International Project manager of Jelgava Local Municipality
Phone +371 63048446, anita.skutane@jelgavasnovads.lv