The first attempt to build a gymnasium in Plavinas was in 1910, when teacher Marija Brimmerberga established a school during WWI. After the war, teacher M. Brimmerberga continued her work and in 1918 August private school Stukmaņu Brimmerberga gymnasium opened its doors. In 1922 the school was taken over by Riga District Board and was renamed as Riga district gymnasium. Back then it was the first gymnasium in Riga district. In 1928 Riga District Gymnasium was transferred to Sigulda. Thanks Pļaviņu city council, the city gymnasium was saved and named as Pļaviņu city gymnasium.

After WWII
In 1966 the school – at that time named as Pļaviņu high school - became a bilingual school with Latvian and Russian language. In 1968 school had celebration of 50 years since it was founded. These anniversaries became important school birthday tradition which is still being held every 10 years.

In 1993 – year of 75th anniversary – school got back its historic name Pļaviņu gymnasium. Besides, since 1996, the school is involved in the Cultural Foundation project "The Trail" and Pļaviņu gymnasium heritage trail was established. 

By 2009/2010 year, school name is Pļaviņu Regional Gymnasium.

Best Ski School
Since 1996/1997 school year, Pļaviņu gymnasium journey as the best ski school begins. With high level of preparation and training work, pupils were successful in the World Ski Championships in Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland.

The gymnasium obtains four state licensed programmes of education. Ending the primary stage of education students continue the study process in the schools secondary level which prepares them for studying at higher educational establishments.

Every year students get good results in different olympiades, study competitions, sports competitions not only on the regional level but also on the state level. The students also got good results on international level in Sports, German language, Biology and Chemistry. Plavinas Regional Gymnasium is one of the best schools working with Information Technologies in Latvia.

In 2010 headmaster Vladimirs Samohins has got an award of Science and Education Ministry for supporting his school with new ITs.

The ICN contact – Aldis Lazda

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