“During the last few years we have been witnessing substantial changes which have taken place in our city in relatively every field of life. This publication however, is not intended to supply information on the amount of financing utilised in the city, nor how many bricks were used, but to show that Suwalki is an attractive city both to its inhabitants and to its visitors” says Czesław Renkiewicz, mayor of the City of Suwalki.


Besides many historic pictures and illustrations the booklet “Past and Present of Suwalki” also collects statements of different people that are connected with the city, such as Wojciech Kowalewski, former football player and member of the Polish national team: “I like Suwalki because this is my home town. I was raised here, I grew up here and from here I have set off into the great world of sport. This is where my family and friends still live. I have always come back here and I still often do.”


Tomasz Zubilewicz, journalist of the TVN station, thinks that Suwalki is a place for every time of year and every weather regardless the biomet. “Come and see for yourself. You will surely return again. Life is beautiful!”

With the booklet Czesław Renkiewicz wants to take you on a journey through time. “It shall be a trip, which will present the transformation of our city - a city, which character had been shaped long ago by its creators – the Camaldolese monks, the instigators of economy and trade in this region. It is a city of many cultures and many religions. A dynamic city, open to cooperation and full of open minded people.“

A digital version of the booklet “Past and Present of Suwalki” can be downloaded below.