Through this project, the musicians will experience and develop concert experience with which they otherwise would not have received by performing only at their local youth club for the same audience over and over again. The clubs which are part of this project will acquire a unique opportunity to give their youth a wide and inexpensive concert offer. The club and club management will acquire valuable experience as concert organizers. It is important that the youth who are interested are given the opportunity to participate in the preparations of such an event and that they are given actual working tasks such as crew, stage guard, booking, backstage assistant, etc.
The concept is in other words concerts FOR (the audience), BY (the organizer) and WITH (the bands) youth!

BandMap also wants to help promote young and promising youthbands. We want to help them reach a bigger audience and together with youthclubs or youth houses give them the posibility to build networks both national and international. In addition the youth clubs will be able to give a broader and wider offer of concerts. On this webpage ( the young bands and artists will be given the posibility to find places to play and the youth could easily find young bands and artists for their concerts.
The concept is simple!