Mr. Renkiewicz is a newly elected president of the city of Suwalki. However, he has been involved into international project for a while, acting as a vice president of the Suwalki. He expressed his deep confidence in Notodden partner and called Notodden the most active and leading international partner they have. The president openly talked about plans to continue cooperation as long as he is in the position.

Ms. Lise Wiik called the people in Suwalki friends, and told she feels like home when being in Suwalki. Although she visited the city for both fun and very sad reasons during the last year, she still said Suwalki is her favorite city to visit. And it was good to know this time the visit was followed by positive moods and expectations.

The two municipalities are cooperating in almost all possible fields: culture, sports, investments, competence building and other. The friendship is a challenge, as both partners cannot talk in the same language. Norwegian and Polish are not exactly similar languages and for sure we do not express ourselves in English as clear as we do it in our mother tongues. To be ‘Lost in translation’ is a very big threat in this cooperation Mr. Frode said. However, the cooperation like this clearly shows that it’s not the language or location which makes it all possible. It is all about open, positive and willing people.

Will the long year of work and joint efforts disappear with the time and new elections? We don’t know. But we clearly know that ‘the only alternative to globalization is isolation’ (Tony Blair). Therefore Innovation Circle Network declares the cooperation between Notodden and Suwalki as of the finest examples on what benefits can international networking bring. 

Suwalki and Notodden were both partners in Innovation Circle project (2005-2007) when it was not yet a permanent network. Then they both joined the network (2007) and are still the stable members of the international team. Currently the cities participate in the Trans in Form project and Innovation Circle Network activities.