In the middle of winter Norway has chosen a song with African rhythm written and performed by 24-year-old Stella Mwangi. Supported by five backing singers and dancers on stage Mwangi showed a well choreographed performance, that many of her fans have learnt, too. With a catchy chorus and her outgoing appearance she made the audience stand up and dance through the song, an energetic pop number combined with African rhythm. In Haba, Haba Mwangi sings about what her grandma told her when she was a child that she can be everything she wants to be. But what does Haba, Haba mean? “A journey of a million miles starts with one single step”, explained Mwangi in an interview.

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Mwangi came to Norway from Kenya as a four-year-old and grew up in Eidsvoll and Kløfta, northeast of Oslo. “Maybe I’ll make a trip back to Kenya before the Eurovision finals, just to talk with my aunts and both by grandmothers,” Mwangi told reporters.