Riga was once more the meeting point for Innovation Circle Network members. In a two day meeting lot's of new ideas had been discussed and upcoming events were planned. Besides ICN chair of the board, Rita Merca from Latvia and Alf S. Johansen, ICN Secretary General from Norway, ICN members from Sweden, Poland and Germany came to exchange ideas and learn about new funding possibilities. Also Professor Cliff Hague (UK) and Petra Biberbach, CEO at Planning Aid for Scotland (UK) enhanced this get-together.

First topic to be discussed was the annual meeting that will take place in Suwalki at the end of the year. Agnieszka Sokolowska, who deputized for Ewelina Suchocka, Vize Chair of the ICN board from Suwalki in Poland introduced the program draft that will focus on fostering twin cities partnerships and activities. Petra Biberbach then updated the participants on the planned youth camp in Scotland in August. Everybody commended the divers and challenging items on the agenda. As Alf Johansen said the interest in the youth camp is already high. Many young people form Norway wish to take part. The program as well as an online registration will be published within the next days on this webpage.