Grybauskaite used to work as financial minister for Lithuania several years ago and since 2004 worked in the European Commission being responsible for financial programming and budget.

Her main vision is to create a Country free of corruption, social and economical shadows, and monopolies. A way to a better society she sees the way of transparency and true.  

Now the new president is criticizing some actions of the current ministers of economy, finance, health, energy and social security and will decide on their future in the Cabinet after discussing their progress with them. She also said she does not see a better candidate for the Prime Minister than Andrius Kubilius currently.

Talking about urgent questions of energy in Lithuania she strongly disagreed with the plan to take a decision in three months. “If the ministers or lawyers are in lack of time they should work during nights, but we have no three months in this difficult situation and we cannot waste more of our expensive time here. This is my answer to any question about three months.” – Dalia Grybauskaite said at the press conference this week.

The president in Lithuania is mainly responsible for foreign policy, and can also veto laws, nominate cabinets for parliamentary approval and appoint judges. He or she formally has little influence on domestic issues.