Last weekend was crowded with a lot of events mentioning the name of Lithuania. First of all the 1000-year Song Festival took place with about 42 thousand participants from all over the world. The Song festival is a traditional event in Lithuania where singers, dancers, choirs and musicians are performing traditional Lithuanian dances and songs. The impressing thing was to see emigrated Lithuanians coming to the event to sing in native language. Some delegations were a third of forth generation of Lithuanians living abroad, coming to this Baltic country for the first time, but still knowing the language.

The Millennium Odyssey has finished the 5th July as the yacht “Ambersail” came back to Klaipeda after sailing around the world. 10 000 Lithuanians have met the sailors after the trip. “One name – Lithuania”. This is the slogan that accompanies the crew of Lithuanian yachtsmen travelling around the world on a commemorative journey which commenced on the 5th of October, 2008. The mission of “The Millennium Odyssey” is to act as the worldwide ambassadors of Lithuania’s anniversary, and to unite the world’s Lithuanian communities in simultaneous celebration on all five continents.
All Lithuanians around the world sang National Anthem at an agreed hour. From smallest villages in Lithuania to the NY Times Square Lithuanians honored their home place by singing its anthem. This gave an amazing feeling of unity. (see the Lithuanian New York'ers singing Lithuanian Anthem here )
The 6th July a lot of honorable persons, leaders and kings gathered to the capital Vilnius to participate at the main day of celebration. The Royal Palace was symbolically opened. And the statue of unity called “Unity Tree” put on exposition too. The statue represents 100 Lithuanian names of people who have magnificently added their effort for rising beautiful Lithuania.
The events for mentioning the thousandth birthday have not ended yet. There will be more happenings coming up until the end of the year. For more information please visit .