“The conference shall form a debate on the effectiveness of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the EU Cohesion Policy in the process of growth and integration of all the regions around the Baltic Sea. Today it is important to identify and to start new engines of sustainable growth in Europe. The experience gained so far indicates that the new development incentives must work towards strengthening European economic, social and territorial cohesion.

As in the previous years, BSSSC will continue its active participation in the process of developing and reviewing the Baltic Sea Macroregional Strategy with an appreciation of its influence on tightening interregional cooperation. Therefore, the results of the conference will be taken into account in the review process of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and in the debate on future cohesion policy during the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
The meeting will commence with an opening session under which high-level representatives of the Baltic Sea organizations and Polish administration will take the floor. After that session, the plenary session devoted to cohesion policy will address issues related to the impact of cohesion policy on the development of the whole Baltic Sea Region.
Following the plenary sessions, the participants in four parallel sessions will have the opportunity to discuss numerous aspects of territorial cohesion, urban-rural cooperation, science, innovation, education and social cohesion. The outcomes of the parallel workshops will be concluded and presented during the closing session of the first part of the conference.
The second day of the meeting will open the debate on the regions’ expectations towards the new programming period, which will lead to the final session focused on a discussion on how the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region can pave the way for regional growth
and development.

The 19th BSSSC Annual Conference shall be conducted under the patronage of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union and will be hosted by the Westpomeranian Region.”



Olgierd Geblewicz
Chairman of the BSSSC Borad
Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region



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