Furthermore, the new report recently published by the European Commission shows the EU labour market in an international perspective, labour market developments at country level as well as EU labour market outlooks.

Furthermore, Franz Thönnes, Member of the Bundestag and of the BSPC Standing Committee handed out a report that addresses the transition from the Baltic Sea Labour Network. The report is an output of the latest Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) in Saint Petersburg and offers a comparative overview of one of the major challenges facing Europe. At the same time details are given of measures taken to combat this by the individual member countries of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference. The author approaches subjects such as working conditions, cross-border mobility and youth unemployment.
The Baltic Sea Labour Network is a flagship project within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region that is backed and supported by the BSPC.

You can download the report by Franz Thönnes in a pdf file below.

To download the full report by the European Commission please click here.
For more information visit ec.europa.eu

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