During the project Joniškis prepared a vision of how to transform Joniskis central part. Within meetings and practical work many ideas were broad up by project managers and partners. Right now these visions are put into practice: Joniskis central part is getting a make over and in July 2015 the center of the region will be reconstructed.

Like in other cities and regions where similar projects have been implemented positive and negative thoughts did accompany the process. There were people who complain that too many trees were cut down, some think that the colours of the square are grey and gloomy. Everyone has his own opinion and to satisfy everybody is impossible. But there are also a lot of people who are glad that such project is implemented in Joniskis and they can’t wait to see the final result.

So hopefully in July 2015 Joniskis will have a new "face" that attracts locals as well as foreigners. A place that is appealing for all generations and that will be filled with life. Joniskis authorities trust that the transformation will also help to push the cultural life and local businesses such as shops, coffee houses and hotels.

We hope to see you in Joniskis! 

TiF results 2014 - Transform Jonisikis center 5_600x240[1].jpg