This year, the Assembly is co-organised with the Irish Presidency of the EU Council and will consist of seven thematic workshops and one plenary event.
It will be an opportunity to go through the themes of the Digital Agenda for Europe review, assess the progress and challenges in the implementation of the refocused actions and seek ways to improve delivery in the context of the recent update of the Digital Agenda for Europe.
The aim is to have an innovative, creative and interactive Assembly to showcase examples from across the EU and collect visions and experiences of policy makers, industry, research organisations, NGOs, SMEs, regulators, Member States representatives. We also wish to maximise networking opportunities for delegates as well as for those stakeholders who can participate through online discussions.

Why contribute?

  • Make your input visible: the results of the online debate will be regularly reported on. The discussion of last year helped to shape the Review of the Digital Agenda for Europe and was published alongside it.
  • Contribute to DAA 2013: the main results of the online debate will be presented and discussed at DAA 2013. Not everyone will be able to attend in June, since places are limited, but everyone can join in through their online contributions online and watch the web streaming. All those physically attending DAA 2013 are also encouraged to contribute online to ensure a fruitful meeting in June.
  • Help make the Digital Agenda happen: discuss the best way to achieve the objectives of the DAE, and add here projects and best practices that help achieve those objectives.

Participate via Twitter using #DA13 for general issues or specific tags for each workshop.

If you want to know more about how & why to participate, click here.