The overall objective of the project is to promote democratization and sustainable development of Cahul region in Moldova. Experts of Jelgava District Council together with its cooperation partners from Downpatrick (UK) will provide trainings for decision makers and specialists of Cahul region municipalities and representatives of NGOs in different spheres – financial system of municipalities, decentralization and democratization, environmental and social issues, sustainable development, encouraging of local initiatives and local action groups (LAG), EU issues. The children drawings competition will take place in all three countries (Latvia, Moldova, and UK) in order to improve the understanding of giving culture and charity. Also children parents, families and classmates will be informed about project and its objectives giving wider understanding of development cooperation. Within the project the youth forum will take place to start the dialogue, cooperation and best practice exchange between young people – next decision makers and creators of politics – from involved countries. During the project implementation the new project concept between Euroregion „Saule” – which member is Jelgava District Council – and Euroregion „Lower Danube” which embraces several regions from Moldova, Ukraine and Romania will be elaborated. The Final conference will take place in the end of the project.

Mudite Priede, Executive Director of Jelgava District Council stresses: “We, Latvians, still think that Latvia is a state needing support and help, especially during those difficult times. But we forget that after regaining of our independence we have gained invaluable and wide knowledge from foreign experts and through our working experience. That is the main value we can share with other countries, including Moldova, allowing them to start the way of democratization and development.”

The goal of development cooperation is to provide assistance to poor and less developed countries (new democracy or developing countries) by promoting their long-term social and economic human development, ensuring peace and security in the world. Although development cooperation policy is rather new trend in state policy, Latvia from the receiving country has already become the donor country and provides assistance to other countries, including Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine.


Total costs of the project are 73 411 EUR, 75% will be provided by European Commission. Project will be implemented in two years until 30th December 2010.

Information prepared by: Anita Škutāne Senior Expert of Development Department, Jelgava District Council, Project Coordinator in Latvia

phone +371 63022751,

Additional information: Anna Krastiņa Vice Director of Development Department, Jelgava District Council, Project Manager phone +371 63022093,

This project is part financed by the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Jelgava District Council and under no circumstances can be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.