Explore the neglected, social dilemmas of innovation: collaboration vs. competition, perfection vs. time-to-market, pragmatic ad-hoc decisions vs. strategy, independence vs. dependence. Despite all rational thought and argument everything depends on the people and the context in which they interact to innovate. We invite you to play in order to learn how to ask better, so that you understand better and can innovate better.

Feel free to join the “research-for-practice” workshop and learn how play helps to discover and explore the social dynamics of innovating together. Try to trust, collaborate, compete, or betray and see what happens without wasting your reputation, losing your face, or ruining your business. It is just play.

InnovationManagement.se offers three different opportunities for you to join:

  • Copenhagen – May 24, 2011
  • Stockholm – May 26, 2011
  • Hamburg – May 31, 2011


Learn how to grasp the Social Dynamics of Collaborative Innovation and improve your innovation capabilities

Innovation often requires collaboration to get access to different kinds of knowledge inside and outside a firm, e.g. with other departments, firms, experts, or users. Learn to better understand what your collaborators mean, what they want, and how they think and act, in order to better be able to assess whether and how different knowledge is relevant for you. Explore what happens if you have to balance your interests and those of your collaborators. Experience that understanding often means asking the right questions instead of providing answers that are right for you alone.