“City branding is a discipline that is developing fast and whose theoretical underpinnings have only been developed and put into full practice in recent years. In other words, there is a lot to learn from the experiences out there”, stated Malcolm Allan and Sicco van Gelder in their publication “City Branding”. With the purpose to inform, clarify and challenge people’s views about an area that is rife with confusion and mystification Allan and Gelder offer insights to city stakeholders and all those who are interested in the branding of places. Although their booklet has been published a few years ago it is still worthwhile to take a look at. Learn more about Allan’s and Gelder’s idea of city branding and download a pdf version of "City Branding".

Picture: Statue of the local jester Hans Clauert in Trebbin (Germany). The small town located close to the capital Berlin uses Hans Clauert as a brand to brand Trebbin. © Christin Schmidt