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Innovation Circle Project Final Report

Innovation Circle was a project which lead to the result of establishment of Innovation Circle Network. The project lasted for two and a half year and only several months have past after the closing but the network has increased in members twice already. More than 100 conferences was arranged on topics related with sustainable development, small and medium places attractiveness during the project. About 300 hundred professionals and youths were trained and lastly 53 local and transnational actions were implemented in 14 places around the Baltic Sea.

Today you are able to read Innovation Circle project final report.

Here you can find all the local actions listed as well as articles made by international experts like Prof. Cliff Hague, Mr. Visvaldis Valtenbergs. People who were closely working with the project as were project coordinators has also included their reflection to the report. The introduction is written by IC project manager Alf S. Johansen.

The report can be found below