Here you can see the statistic of 22th August so far:


Estonia - 2 medals (1 gold)

Finland - 3 medals, (1 gold)

Lithuania - 5 medals

Latvia - 2 medals (1 gold)

Norway - 7medals (1 gold)

Poland - 8 medals (3 gold)

Russia - 53 medals (16 gold)

Sweden - 5 medals


For the time being US has 100 medals including 30 gold. China owns most of gold medals (46 gold out of 83) compared to other countries. Some countries did not succeeded yet to get a medal, but we would all agree the most important thing here is to participate and be a part of the world community.


The final achievements of the Olympic sportsmen will be announced here! For detail information of all countries you can visit official Beijing 2008 webpage.