Alytus region in Lithuania will host an exciting and challenging event this summer. This is the first time IC is putting the hot and global topics at the agenda. The participants should be really motivated for discussing current political issues and global challenges. This camp will bring together young representatives from European nations in order to discuss issues which are transnational and cruisal for all. It's expected that a number of young politicians from 8-10 countries will gather.The main target group is the leaders of tomorrow (16-30 years)
However, senior experts who can help with facilitation and moderation of the event are wanted !  The camp is a self costs event, and all participants are expected to get local support from their regions or cover the very reasonable fee individually. The camp is also a good opportunity to meet old IC riends and to get aquainted with new ones. It's a unique chance to learn how peers in other countries regard the "hot challenges" of their generation.

The organisers promise that the event is serious and fun at the same time !
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The Innovation Circle have been organising many events, some of them for professionals, others for youths.
Most of the events are mixed, because the IC approach is to build bridges, between countries, genders, cultures,
professions, religions and ages.

If you are interested in Innovation Circle Camp 2009, send an email to the address you find in the invitation, or post a feedback at the end of this article.

 Some pictures from previous IC events, where young ones participated