In Suwalki, our ICN partner from Poland, close to a thousand people enjoyed the New Year's Eve on the Konopnicka Square in the city center. As planned in the Trans in Form project, this publice place is becomming more and more popular. The people welcomed the New Year all together playing in the rhythm of the greatest hits, which were presented by Andrzej Lukowski and Simon Kozicz, well-known DJs at Radio 5. Mariola Jadwiga Szczypiń, President of the City Council in Suwalki and Czeslaw Renkiewicz, President of Suwalki made their New Year wishes for the people of Suwalki:

“I wish the people of our city success and that they can put their plans and intentions into actions. I wish all f you good luck and may everyone enjoy good health”, Czeslaw Renkiewicz, President of Suwalki said just before midnight. 2015 started in Suwalki with fireworks. (pictures by Radio 5)