“Today we have very different life stories and professions gathered here. Our compatriots, our friends and supporters from other countries. You all share a deep sense of commitment and an open soul. A will and an ability to give more than your job description demands, or your boss tells you to”, said President Day.Toomas Hendrik Ilves when presenting the honorary decorations awarded in the hall of the Bank of Estonia on the eve of Independence.

 “Estonians can be proud that despite fifty years of occupation, the democratic flame lit in 1918 was never extinguished”, explained US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in a press release. She also reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to work together to further deepen and strengthen the partnership between both countries.

To celebrate Independence Day and acknowledge service to the Republic of Estonia, the President of the Republic awarded honorary decorations on 2nd of February to 99 citizens of Estonia and its supporters from abroad, whose activities have contributed to promoting, maintaining and securing Estonia’s independence.

Foto © Tanel Meos